The Deceit of Riches Book Trailer

Watch our new book trailer to find out more about this thrilling novel, an excellent gift choice. It’s available now for a reduced price as a paperback or Kindle download, or through Kindle Unlimited.  Check Amazon via the button to the right.

Book-arest: Finding the MOST beautiful book store in the world!

I leave it to you, the reader, to decide if this is not the world’s most beautiful bookstore!  … More Book-arest: Finding the MOST beautiful book store in the world!

In Memory of Liberty

For the last twenty years I have lived in a country that was not able to defend itself from the Tyrant next door. Only through the selfless sacrifice of others from Canada, Great Britain and the United States of America has this small country been able to live in liberty and peace since 1945. Thousands … More In Memory of Liberty

More In Memory of Liberty

Always Visit the Scene of the Crime

I took an hour today and visited an infamous spot at the train station in Iasi, Romania. On a cold March morning in 1997, a customs officer was found here, dead, half dressed, having fallen From the Rooftops. Was it suicide? Was he pushed? It was a rather unnerving twenty minutes, standing on this corner … More Always Visit the Scene of the Crime

Kyiv’s Disappearing Cathedral

Recently St. Michael’s golden domed monastery in the old city of Kyiv, Ukraine celebrated the nine hundredth year anniversary of its founding. That’s pretty darn old! So you’d forgive me if I made the mistake of planning this beautiful cathedral and the ancient complex surrounding it as a setting in my new novel, From the … More Kyiv’s Disappearing Cathedral

A Writer’s Block (Pocket Sized)

Many people these days keep a smartphone in their back pants pocket for quick, indiscriminate selfies. Me? I keep a compact writing book, secured by a black elastic band, in my pocket to record the impressions and emotions I experience when visiting a place. A picture may be worth a thousand words…but are they the … More A Writer’s Block (Pocket Sized)

‘The Deceit of Riches’ Now Available

Val Karren’s new thriller, The Deceit of Riches, is now available to order on Amazon at the following link: Get Your Own Copy After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 anything that wasn’t bolted to the floor was up for grabs. Oil fields, banks and military hardware were targeted for hostile take overs … More ‘The Deceit of Riches’ Now Available