New National Acclaim for The Deceit of Riches

I am pleased to announce that my debut novel, The Deceit of Riches, has been awarded the status of Finalist in the category of General Fiction/Novels (over 80,000 words) by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards! Five finalists were named, along with one winner in each category for this national award in the USA.

The NGIBA is the ‘Largest Not-for-Profit Book Award in the Nation for Indie Authors and Publishers.’ This is not only a privilege for me, but also for the fans and followers of Fly-By-Night Press. 

Through the process of writing, publishing, and promoting my books, I’ve learned that it takes a team to get a completed book into the hands of readers.

I would not have finished this book without the faith that my wife Christine showed in me and in my talent. Her priceless contribution to design of the cover and overall graphic presentation of the book, I believe, has been why readers have been willing to give a new author a chance and a place on their bookshelves.

Special thanks are also due to Melissa Howell and Noel Conrad for their valuable input during the revisions phase. Their advice and comments contributed greatly to the quality of the end product. Both are writers themselves, and their input helped me to refine the story.

My editor, Carrie Snider, helped to bring the book up to standard for publication, after my battle with spelling errors and punctuation. Trust in her professionalism with the technical details enabled me to focus more on the creative side of the writing process instead of despairing in the mistakes.

And last but not least, a shout out to the fans of The Deceit of Riches, who have enthusiastically shared the book with their friends, written reviews, and attended book events. Your support has been phenomenal. Thank you, thank you!

I am excited to attend the Next Generation Indie Book Award Award Gala next month in Washington DC.

Stay tuned for details!


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