A Walk Around Mont Blanc

“Beauty is not a Luxury”                        -John O’Donohue The Irish poet and philosopher John O’ Donohue, (God rest his soul) eloquently spoke and wrote about the need for Beauty that our human souls have to feel complete, to be whole. The experience of Beauty, whether it be music or poetry; liturgy and scripture; a caring relationship … More A Walk Around Mont Blanc

Get Lost!

We want to inspire you to leave the smart phone at home, turn off the GPS navigation system, stop checking for new Facebook posts and get out and enjoy the wonders of this world and experience your life by getting lost and then finding a new way home. Get outside your comfort zone by jumping … More Get Lost!

5 Great Literary Sites in Istanbul

We are currently reading Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin as our June pick for the bookclub Travel Europe Through Books; the country of our current focus is Turkey! Kulin is an author of international renown whose works have been frequently published in English, but most foreigners will be unfamiliar with the majority of … More 5 Great Literary Sites in Istanbul

Art Imitating Art: An Introduction to Little Sicily

In the snooty, intellectual circles of cosmopolitan neighborhoods, where money is merely a fashion accessory, a more sophisticated version of the causality dilemma, regarding the order of the first chicken and the egg from which it hatched, is discussed endlessly, without ever coming to agreement. Those gathered for wine and cheese after the debut of … More Art Imitating Art: An Introduction to Little Sicily

The Face of a Genius: Mozart’s Death Mask

On December 5th, 1791, around 1:00 am in the morning, the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart passed away at just 35 years old. He had lived a prolific musical career, creating operas, concertos and symphonies–often for royalty–and around 800 works in every musical genre of his time. His influence is still widely felt throughout the … More The Face of a Genius: Mozart’s Death Mask

Vienna is my Muse

To me, Vienna has always been the most beautiful city in the world, since I was 10 years old and read a historical novel called Vienna Prelude. Other kids wanted to visit Narnia or Avonlea, I hankered after Vienna. To me, it was a city of beautiful steeples, a million kinds of coffee, opulent opera balls and music. … More Vienna is my Muse

An Interview with British Author Maggie Holman

In our online book club ‘Travel Europe Through Books,’ we travel to a new European country every month through its literature. This month we’ve been focusing on the literature, culture, and landscape of Great Britain by way of Thomas Hardy’s classic romance, Far From the Madding Crowd. As we round off this month, I thought … More An Interview with British Author Maggie Holman

Book Shops of London

During our recent trip to London, we stepped into Waterstone’s at Trafalgar Square. It was big, beautiful, and inviting; a paradise for book-lovers. We traipsed inside, ready to be astonished, as we had already been by the beautiful and varied London sites leading up to this one. We are a family of four, and we … More Book Shops of London

5 English Classic Romance Novels Featuring Strong Women

The articulate, ambitious, and passionate ‘English lady’ stereotype exists in part because of the English romance novels that have created her. She is independent and strong-willed, and knows what she wants from love. The world adores her, creating literary tours, tea varieties, and instagram giveaways to help readers pay homage to her. Where in literature … More 5 English Classic Romance Novels Featuring Strong Women