2019 Indie Book Awards Winner: The Deceit of Riches

Fly by Night Press has just passed the 3000 subscribers mark today on Word Press. We work hard to provide our readers with high quality stories and writing in our blogs for both entertainment and education. The quick growth in subscribers tells us we are providing value to our audience, and they are telling their freinds. But before the weekly blogs and stories, there was a book called The Deceit of Riches.

The Deceit of Riches has been recognized this month (May 2019) by two different Indie Book Awards juries; once as a Finalist and once as a Winner for fiction/novels category. If you’re curious about the book, but haven’t had the time to look it up, here is a 1 minute book trailer to both entertain and educate. You can also scan the reviews and opinions of other readers here.

The Deceit of Riches is of course available via Amazon.com and Kobo in e-book form or paperback. It can also be ordered in almost every book store in the USA via the Indiebound network, supported by a major distributor. In effect, you can order it anywhere books are sold.

I hope you enjoy it the trailer, and then the book!

-Val Karren (Author)

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