15 Seconds of Fame

When I finished the manuscript of The Deceit of Riches two years ago I had hopes that one day maybe I would be known for adding something of value to the world’s library.

I had hoped that my writing could both entertain and educate readers at the same time. I wanted to write an exciting story that was able to challenge paradigms and assumptions; not to change the world, but to help resolve misconceptions. Not to convert but to build better understanding.

This evening I accepted an award, not the grand prize, but an award which signals to me that I have contributed something valuable to our common bibilography.

I won’t receive a cash prize or sign a movie contract as a result of this recognition. All I get in return is this 15 Seconds of Fame and knowing that my dreams got off to a running start in the form of my debut novel. And that is good enough for me!

I hope those who have read The Deceit of Riches were both entertained and educated for a few hours, and look at the world just a little bit differently than before.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your support and encouragement to continue trying to bring the people of our wonderous world, a little bit closer together through literature.

– V M Karren


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