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What would you do if you had just infuriated the Chief of Security at the Kremlin in Moscow? What would you do if you had just missed the last night bus in the middle of Nowhere, Sweden…in the winter?  What would you do if you knew you were getting fleeced by a taxi driver and his “tour guides” in Cairo? Would you sit down and cry or would you let the situation unfold and see where it takes you?

Author Val Karren has done both in many different precarious situations around the world and hopes to encourage you to learn to bend the bounds of culture (and sometimes caution!) to live an adventurous and perspective filled life, even if it scares you near to death.  His talent for word-smithing and insightful and often humorous style turn his adventures of travel into wonderful stories that can be appreciated by readers across generations and cultures.

It took Val six years to earn a bachelors degree in the 1990s because he wouldn’t sit in the classroom and read about the Velvet Revolution as it spread through the Soviet Union and over Eastern Europe. He did everything he could to be in the middle of it and experience it all for better or for worse.

Val eventually earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Slavic Languages and Literature from the University of Washington in Seattle, and an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands.  His studies and work in both Europe and Russia and his career in international trade has carried him to many corners of our wonderful world, and he has created a library of hilarious, eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking stories from across Europe, Russia, & Arabia. He lives in Europe still with his wife and four children.


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