Book Trailer: From the Rooftops by V M Karren

My dear readers,

I am excited to present to you the book trailer for my new novel From the Rooftops, the long-awaited sequel to my award-winning historical thriller The Deceit of Riches!

I will be releasing From the Rooftops on October 10th, 2019 via Amazon. Pre-orders will soon be available, so stay tuned.

As subscribers, you are my most loyal and valued readers, and it brings me great pleasure to provide you with interesting articles and books on the topic of European travel. I think you’ll find this novel to be a fascinating view into the lives and minds of people in Romania and Ukraine during the 1990s, with a few chapters bringing you into Italy, Moldova, and Belgium. The criminal operation in the book is based in Romania, but has an international network of crime reaching into other lands, just as many true crime organizations have done and continue to do today.

This novel took me two years to write, and the experience has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. I greatly appreciate the input I’ve had from family, friends, and fans, and I’m very happy with the final result. I hope you will be too!

With the launch of this new book, I want to both reward you for your loyalty with discount offers (more info on that to come), and get your feedback on the new novel in the form of reviews. Your input helps me to continue providing you with the stories you love.

My team and I have made a big effort toward preparing for this book launch on October 10th, but there is still much to do, and we hope that you can help us.


The greatest book advertiser of all is, and customer reviews are key in getting Amazon’s added support, so we encourage you to WRITE THOSE REVIEWS! The more reviews we can get put up in Amazon at, or near, the time of launch, the better the book will do. In this way, you can be part of our success story.

If you are interested in reading and reviewing an advance copy as part of our team of reviewers, please contact us HERE and simply paste the following message:

“Please send me a free advance copy of From the Rooftops to review.”

If you have not yet subscribed, just click on the red button below the castle to the right. We’d love to add you to our growing group of fans!

Thanks for your enthusiastic support. I look forward to hearing your feedback, and sending you soon some great discount opportunities for fabulous books.

–Val / V M Karren at Fly-By-Night Press

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