LifeBooks: Q&A Personal History


We’re happy to help you create a ‘Q&A’ personal history book of your life, or that of a loved one.  We can format your book using your answers to the Life Questionnaire which we provide, or you can answer your own questions. Feel free to add your own questions to the ones we provide.

You can answer questions about your life in two ways: you can either fill in the answers digitally, or you or your loved one can answer them verbally during a live interview which you schedule with us. Check with us for more details about interview scheduling and pricing.

We can also add your photos which you deliver to us digitally, and if you’d like, we can even provide custom illustrations from our resident illustrator to further enhance your story.

Let us make a cover for you that perfectly fits the life story you are telling. You can choose your own title. We can use a photo or photos you provide, or our artists can make something unique and eye-catching for you. Take a look at the covers in our gallery, ask for ideas, or send us examples of ideas that inspire you.

*Our base price is $189, based on a book (10″X8″) of up to 100 pages, with up to 100 photos. Text amount is unlimited, although additional charges may apply when text too is lengthy to readably fit in 100 pages. Additional pages and photos, editing, and custom design services are available for additional charges.

Please explain to us your vision for your Q&A Personal History below, so we can respond with more detailed information and exact pricing.

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