A Trilogy in Three Trailers

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful readers who have been such a great support to us in 2021! We’ve appreciated your feedback and encouragement, your shout outs and interest in both Val’s books and our thoughts on travel.

This year Val finished his third novel, October Revelations, completing The Deceit of Riches Trilogy.

If you haven’t read any part of the Trilogy, you are in for a treat. These stories are densely packed with fast-paced action, fascinating settings, and a splash of history. They make a great gift, but are equally wonderful to read for yourself, curled up with your drink of choice.

As an intro to The Deceit of Riches Trilogy, we’d like to share a book trailer for each of the three books: The Deceit of Riches, From the Rooftops, and October Revelations. You’ll get a peak into the main characters, the plot, and the setting of each story. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

BOOK ONE: The Deceit of Riches

BOOK TWO: From the Rooftops

BOOK THREE: October Revelations

The Deceit of Riches Trilogy, the complete compilation of three novels, is now available as an ebook, and for a limited time, it’s just 5.99! Also watch for the print version, coming soon!

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