Armchair Travel: Maastricht Has It All

Wishing you could get out and go somewhere new and interesting?

We have the solution!

We’ve just published a new video to our YouTube channel that we think you will love. ‘Maastricht Has It All’ will show you the wonders and delights of our home town in the Netherlands: Maastricht.

Never heard of Maastricht? It’s an up-and-coming world city packed with history and culture. It’s had its brush with the ancient Romans, the first Christians, the Napoleonic wars, and the Nazis. It’s the city where the Maastricht Treaty was signed between the nations of the EU, which created the Euro currency. It’s home to the fabulous TEFAF, the European Fine Arts Fair, as well as the world-famous performer Andre Rieu. Its university is one of the top new research universities in the world.

Maastricht also boasts fabulous shopping and dining, great festivals and cultural events, a vibrant nightlife, fascinating churches and ruins, and breathtaking nature.

We have loved Maastricht ever since we first set foot here over 20 years ago. Now we invite you to take a look at this city, which we think has it all:

Several of the stories in V M Karren’s short story compilation The Tales of A Fly-By-Night took place in Maastricht. Check HERE for more details about this travel memoir.

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