ILLITERATURE: An All New Form of Interactive Storytelling

On New Year’s Eve, Fly by Night Press is excited to introduce #ILLITERATURE; an all new form of on-line, interactive story telling…and story making. It costs you nothing to participate! All you need is a smartphone, Facebook and a WI-FI connection.

This New Year’s Eve at 20:30 / 8:30 PM (Central European Time), #ILLITERATURE will take the form of an on-line Murder Mystery. Hopefully you will solve the mystery before the new year overtakes us.

Join readers and non-readers alike from around the world to combine your collective skills of observation, deduction, linguistics and geography to help solve a (fictional) international conspiracy and figure out ‘who done it’…and why.

Instructions and clues will be posted on New Year’s Eve 2019, at 20:30 CET / 8:30PM CET (SHARP!) on the Fly by Night Press Facebook page. By submitting written questions to the (LIVE) moderator that can be answered only YES or NO, international sleuths and detectives will race to solve the crime and be the first expose the entire conspiracy.

To have the clues sent to your own Facebook newsfeed, (so you don’t miss a thing) go to Fly By Night Press Facebook page and ‘Follow’ us. Otherwise you can simply read our page live on New Years’s Eve without subscribing. No Problem!

This Murder Mystery program is based on the exciting novels from Award Winning Author VM Karren; author of the The Deceit of Riches and From the Rooftops.

We hope you will join us on our first ever on-line #ILLITERATURE party.

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