“You gotta Love it to Write it!”

When I first started on this wonderful adventure of writing and storytelling, I jumped in over my head, hoping desperately to float to the top by clutching to the sage advice of authors who have gone before: Write what you know!  From that came my first novel, The Deceit of Riches.

Tonight, as I throw my second novel, From the Rooftops, to the wolves, the critics, my friends and fans, to either shred it or praise it, I claim the nascent right to offer my advice to other aspiring writers, who are perhaps sitting on the banks, dipping their toes in the current but l afraid to dive in: Write what you Love! 

If I had one wish to ask of a spent magic lamp, I would ask the tired genie to let me continue, unabated writing what I love to write about. The creation of this new novel, From the Rooftops, has taken me places, introduced me to people and taught me about human resolve and bravery in the face of bitter injustice and cruelty that went to deepen my admiration and respect for the people of Eastern Europe.

During my research trips and interviews needed to create this new book I discovered many more stories that need to be told, and hope that I will be able to write them in a way that inspires you, the reader, to open you door and go Get Lost! in a new culture, and want to tell everybody about it when you eventually come home.

I present to you now, From the Rooftops, and hope that you will love what I have written. 

-Val (aka VM Karren) 


From the Rooftops is available to order in both paperback and e-book from Amazon.com. Click here to order your own copy today.

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