Discovery at the Library

Yesterday I took my boy for an outing in city. We ate a fun lunch and went for a visit to the Natural History Museum. There, we discovered the complete skeleton of a unique dinosaur-fish (Mosasaurus) from right here in Maastricht. It was discovered in its entirety in the cliffs of chalk and sandstone, two hundred million years  after its death. (give or take a million years)


After this discovery I took him to the city library and steered him toward the English section in the Centre Ceramique Bibliotheek. To his surprise, he discovered my book, The Deceit of Riches on the shelf.


This was also the first time I had been there to see a copy on the shelf! It’s always a great feeling to see your work on the shelf next to other big names in a library or a bookstore! (pictured below at The King’s English bookshop in Salt Lake City.)


Not believing me, Marten marched over to the catalog to make sure I wasn’t pulling his leg. Once he found my name and book title the library’s computer, he was finally convinced that I had become a real writer. He proceeded to rate my book with a five star rating! (warning: I don’t think he actually read the whole book.)


Funny that my boy didn’t question the authenticity of the dinosaur bones from millions of years ago, but had to check if what I was telling him was true about a book I published not even two years ago. I guess I know now where I stand on his credibility list!

Hopefully the reading public won’t be so doubtful when my book of short stories is released next month.


Thanks for believing in me!



4 thoughts on “Discovery at the Library

    1. Perhaps I need to share the successes more with the kids too so they know what all the hard work turns into.

    1. Thanks, Janeen. I am so excited to get that new book in to your hands. It is just the right format to enjoy in an extra 15 mins here and a spare 10 mins there. Nothing too serious! Had so much fun putting it together.

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