Get Lost!

Peasant Village(SMALL)

We want to inspire you to leave the smart phone at home, turn off the GPS navigation system, stop checking for new Facebook posts and get out and enjoy the wonders of this world and experience your life by getting lost and then finding a new way home.

Get outside your comfort zone by jumping into and immersing yourself in a different culture for a week or two. Don’t book ahead, don’t even call ahead. Just show up and be ready for new and wonderful experiences to find you. Don’t worry that you don’t speak the language. Don’t fret that you haven’t ever driven a car on the other side of the road before. You are more capable than you think you are. Just go do it.

Fly By Night press strives to provide you with the seed of inspiration to grow your own dreams of seeing new places, tasting new foods, (both wondrous and disgusting!), meeting new acquaintances and making new friends who will broaden your perspective on our wide, wonderful world, that when viewed from the tiny window of a smart phone or an ipad screen, seems to be shrinking quickly. Don’t be fooled. The world has never been more accessible and ready for you to go get lost in it!

We hope you will browse our recommendations for books, stories and literature, restaurants and shops, events, activities and festivals, unique destinations and locally kept secret recipes to help inspire you to go find that secret corner of the world that speaks to your soul.

We look forward to hearing about your adventures as much as we hope you will read and comment on what we’re doing.

Now, go on, get lost!

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