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3D DOR Paperback

The Berlin Wall has fallen and the Soviet Union has disintegrated. Russia’s experiment with democracy hangs in the balance as corruption and crime bring the country to its knees. When Peter Turner, an over curious exchange student, is suspected of stealing lucrative military secrets, he must get out of Russia before the KGB and mafia find him to take back what he doesn’t have!

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3D ToaFBN Paperback

This collection of short travel stories should come with a public health warning!  These tales have been proven to cause restlessness, perspective shift, and travel itch in reasonable people, which may result in you being branded a ‘Fly-by-Night’ by your mother’s friends.  Author V M Karren will recklessly tempt you to grab your passport, buy a one-way ticket and go get lost with him in the far flung corners of Europe that you will never read about in a guide book.

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3D FTR Paperback

Less than ten years after her courageous march for freedom in Bucharest in 1989, a young banker finds herself unwillingly caught up in the corruption that has unexpectedly flourished in Romania’s free market.  Then, after the mysterious death of her fiancé, she takes a daring step to root out the evil behind the scenes and take a stand for her family and country.  The information she provides catches the attention of Peter Turner and Del Sanning (The Deceit of Riches), and together they form a common quest to bring down Eastern Europe’s most evil, well-connected, and elusive criminal.

This sequel to The Deceit of Riches will be released in October 2019.  Check www.flybynightpress.com for updates!