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The Deceit of Riches Series

Coming in November: The Deceit of Trilogy.

Book 3: October Revelations is due for release in November, completing the series.

Praise for Book 1: The Deceit of Riches:

“Captivating! If you enjoy reading about Russian culture post Cold War this is a detailed story.  Many twists and turns.  Filled with suspense.”

–Amazon Reader Review

Praise for Book 2: From the Rooftops:

“Author V Karren writes a well constructed, well executed spy-thriller.”

–Amazon Reader Review

Book 3: October Revelations is due for release in November.


The Armchair Travel Series

Praise for Book 1:  Fate and Longing in Lisbon:

“This story is absolutely delightful! In his dreamy tale, the author shows us the depths of one man’s sensitive Iberian soul, along with the comic heartbreak of life’s injustices…”

 –Amazon Reader Review

Praise for Book 2: The Witch of Drontenburg:

“Just like ‘Kalle Blomquist’ or ‘Emil und die Detektive,’ really nice well-told story.”

 –Reader Review

Praise for Book 3: The Plucked Hen:

“What a very funny but thoughtful story that reminds all of us not to judge a book, or in this case, a restaurant, Chef or even a critic by their eccentricities.  But alas, we are all doomed, at one time or other, to place ‘pearls before swine.'”

—Amazon Reader Review

Armchair Travel:
Cultural Fiction for the Restless Wanderer

Armchair Travel is the print version of three culturally-rich short stories from award-winning author V.M.Karren. The collection is intended to help relieve the cabin fever of restless wanderers by providing them with a virtual European getaway, location + adventure.  If you are needing an escape, you may want to…

…go get lost in Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood searching for that beautiful, elusive voice singing the sad songs of Portugal’s past, as they echo through the winding, narrow alleyways.

…go cycling up the windy Dutch seacoast to uncover the secrets and spells of the local Witch who has been cursing children in Drontenburg for the last fifty years.

…sample the cooking of France’s best chef at his famous bistro, The Plucked Hen, and do your best to safeguard the origins of the family’s recipes, while the vultures circle overhead.

Let yourself be carried away to these three unique destinations away from the usual tourist tracks, and lose yourself in the local music, seascapes and food. You’ll experience both the romance and suspense while you enjoy delicious food in the pages of Armchair Travel, as if you were there.


Nonfiction / Memoir

“Wonderful read with stories to enchant all.  Would love to see all the places [the author] describes…a must read!!!”

–Amazon Reader Review