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Witch of Drontenberg FINAL COVER

“Just like ‘Kalle Blomquist’ or ‘Emil und die Detektive,’ really nice, well told story.” –Amazon Reader

The Witch of Drontenburg is a Kindle Short Read set in a small fishing town in the Netherlands.  With this lighthearted book you can take a trip into provincial Dutch life for an hour or two, following the boys of the village on their exciting adventures.


Do real witches exist, and do they actually put curses on innocent children? A group of young Dutch boys are determined to find out.

When Jaap de Hollander comes to stay with his grandmother in Drontenburg for Spring Break, the boys of the town insist that Drontenburg is held captive under the watchful eye of its resident witch. Jaap is skeptical, but after a few hair-raising encounters, he himself isn’t too sure. Still, he sets out to prove the other boys wrong.

This light-hearted short read of ‘cultural fiction’ by award-winning author V M Karren has a touch of mystery, humor, history, and adventure all rolled into one.

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“This story is absolutely delightful! In his dreamy tale, the author shows us the depths of one man’s sensitive Iberian soul, along with the comic heartbreak of life’s injustices…”  –Amazon Reader Review

Fate and Longing in Lisbon is a Kindle Short Read, set in Portugal.  Easy to read in less than 2 hours, the author will transport you to a hillside neighboorhood of Lisbon, where the famed Fado, the musical heart of Lisbon, was born.


What happens when technology makes the work of a Lisbon postman obsolete? He invents a way to keep his job!

Afonso Riques grew up in a working class neighborhood in Lisbon. Everybody knows him, and he’s touched each of their lives as he’s gone beyond the call of duty to be the best postman in Lisbon. When e-mail and texting begin to replace letters and stamps, Afonso’s workload dwindles, and his boss hints at a layoff. What can Afonso do to save his job?

You’ll be surprised by Afonso’s solution, the romance that blossoms along the way, and author V M Karren’s dexterity with plot, characters, and cultural setting.

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3D FTR Paperback

“V M Karren really knows how to weave an intricate, suspenseful story!” -Amazon Reader Review

Release: October 2019

From the Rooftops is V M Karren’s just released historical thriller, set mainly in Romania and Ukraine.  Following The Deceit of Riches, Karren’s first novelFrom the Rooftops is Book Two in The Deceit of Riches Series.


Less than ten years after her courageous march for freedom in Bucharest in 1989, a young banker finds herself unwillingly caught up in the corruption that has unexpectedly flourished in Romania’s free market.  Then, after the mysterious death of her fiancé, she takes a daring step to root out the evil behind the scenes and take a stand for her family and country.  The information she provides catches the attention of Peter Turner and Del Sanning (The Deceit of Riches), and together they form a common quest to bring down Eastern Europe’s most evil, well-connected, and elusive criminal.

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3D DOR Paperback

“…The author obviously has a great knowledge of his subject matter to make such a story come to life.  It was an intriguing adventure and made me want to learn more!” -Amazon Reader Review

Release: October 2017

The Deceit of Riches is V M Karren’s debut and award-winning suspense novel.  Based partly on Karren’s own first-hand experience, this thriller won the National Indie Excellence Award (2019) and placed as Finalist in the prestigious Next Generation Indie Awards (2019).  This novel is Book One in The Deceit of Riches Series.


The Berlin Wall has fallen and the Soviet Union has disintegrated. Russia’s experiment with democracy hangs in the balance as corruption and crime bring the country to its knees. When Peter Turner, an over curious exchange student, is suspected of stealing lucrative military secrets, he must get out of Russia before the KGB and mafia find him to take back what he doesn’t have!

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3D ToaFBN Paperback

“Wonderful read with stories to enchant all.  Would love to see all the places [the author] describes…a must read!!!” -Amazon Reader Review

Release: March 2019

The Tales of a Fly-By-Night is V M Karren’s collection of crazy-but-true travel stories. Written in an honest, hilarious, and sometimes moving memoir style, The Tales of a Fly-By-Night makes a great quick and entertaining read.  


This collection of short travel stories should come with a public health warning!  These tales have been proven to cause restlessness, perspective shift, and travel itch in reasonable people, which may result in you being branded a ‘Fly-by-Night’ by your mother’s friends.  Author V M Karren will recklessly tempt you to grab your passport, buy a one-way ticket and go get lost with him in the far flung corners of Europe that you will never read about in a guide book.

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