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As a publisher we can provide two different publishing options: AUTHOR SERVICES for authors, and LifeBooks PERSONAL HISTORIES for people interested in preserving the story of their life or travels in book form:

Author Services

Cover Design, Formatting and Marketing Images for Authors

Christine KarrenView her full portfolio HERE.

Are you an author in need of a graphic designer for cover design or book formatting? Christine Karren is our resident graphic designer. Her many years of experience with book cover, book, logo, website, social media and ad design give her the perfect combination of skills to help your book shine among the thousands.

Illustration for Authors

Matthew KarrenView his full portfolio HERE.

Are you in need of illustrations for the book you are writing? Matthew Karren is a skilled book illustrator. With an imaginative style and years of experience in both manual and digital illustration, for books, websites, film, and other applications, Matthew can create the perfect images to accompany your manuscript.

LifeBooks Personal Histories

Y O U R • P E R S O N A L • H I S T O R Y • I N • P U B L I S H E D • F O R M

Your life has been full! You’ve had interesting experiences and have met many special people. You have learned important lessons and have accomplishments to be proud of. Why not preserve these memories and life details for future generations?

Would you like to publish a book about your life, or the life of a loved one? Maybe you just want to preserve the details of your interesting travels. We can help you edit, design, format, and print your story into the book form that best suits your needs. We’ll save you the time and hassle of this intensive process and provide you with an outstanding, personalized result. Choose one of the three formats below to get started:

Travel Log Format


If you are a busy traveler who is out ‘living life,’ this is for you.

A travel log is a paperback or hardcover book, mostly filled with your travel photos. It may also include your stories, experiences, and descriptions as a narration to your photos.  You want to record your experiences, but you haven’t the time to format it into a book.  This type of book is great as a gift for others, but is an especially meaningful gift to yourself, to preserve the memories and people you love. 

This product is made for a private audience, meaning that it won’t be published on any public platform. 

Memoir Format


If you are a natural writer, this option is for you.

A memoir is your autobiography.  This is the account of your life, told in prose, or however you best tell your story. 

A memoir is written entirely by the autobiographer, starting with a manuscript that is eventually formatted–usually with chapters–into a book.  Writing a memoir can be a bit overwhelming, but we can give you some tips to help you along the way. 

We can help you prepare your story to sell to the public, OR we can help you print it exclusively for yourself and/or a private group of readers.

Q&A Personal History Format


If you are looking for an easy option for creating a personal history, this is for you.

A Q&A History is like a memoir, but it’s written in an interview or question-and-answer form.  This is by far the easiest way to record your life’s history, so if you’re not a writer, or if your time is limited, this is the way to go. 

You can begin by downloading the questions to answer in written form (feel free to add your own), or by scheduling a live interview with us.  Interview histories can be made for yourself, but they also make great gifts.  You can give the gift of your life to those you love, or you can record the life of a loved one to gift to them. 

This product is made for a private audience, meaning that it won’t be published on any public platform.