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You’ve arrived on our site, which is the first destination on the road to freedom!  Now you can enjoy the European travel experience year-round, without scheduling, financial, pandemic, or seasonal constraints.  We provide ‘cultural fiction’ at its finest.


Armchair Travel: Cultural Fiction for the Restless Wanderer (PRINT VERSION)

Relieve your cabin fever with this collection of cultural fiction inspired by three European countries.  Experience romance and near-tragedy in Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, help solve a local mystery on the windy Dutch seacoast, and then savor the creations of an eccentric French chef before the critics bury him.  A trip to Europe was never so easy! Click on book image to order.


New eBook!

The Plucked Hen, a work of cultural fiction and Kindle Short Read set in a provincial restaurant in France. Available from November 6th, 2020. Check Amazon or click on the book image above to order.


Released in September 2020:

The Witch of Drontenburg, a work of cultural fiction and Kindle Short Read set in a small fishing town in the Netherlands. Released September 17, 2020. Check Amazon or click on the book image above to order.

“As always with this author’s stories, my eyes are opened to new places and cultures…and who wouldn’t love to learn about such things along with a fun story?!” –Jillayne N.

“I love Karren’s ability to draw a reader into another world….” –S. D.

Released in May 2020:

Fate and Longing in Lisbon, a romantic comedy, cultural fiction, and Kindle Short Read set in a neighborhood in Portugal’s historic capitol. By V M Karren. Check Amazon or click on the book image to order.

“…I could feel the small-town vibe, the culture, and a bit of the wonder that one must surely feel while visiting…” –J. N.

“…In his dreamy tale, the author shows us the depths of one man’s sensitive Iberian soul, along with the comic heartbreak of life’s injustices…” –Susan D.

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At Fly-By-Night Press you’ll discover much more about Europe than you could ever learn on the news.  Our books and articles can take you to faraway places within minutes, in the comfort and ease of home.  We’ve been travelling Europe—from West to East and back—for the past 25 years, collecting fascinating adventures along the way.  We’ll provide you with incredible stories to laugh with, wonder about, read late into the night, and share.  

Read the award-winning books and blog articles of V M Karren to explore and deeply understand the lives of people in European lands.  From his suspenseful and insightful historical fiction to his cultural short-stories and crazy-but-true travel stories, Karren has you covered with European-based literary entertainment.


“…I wanted more than just a thriller, and I found it in this novel: a fascinating setting, local and international politics, romance, both the charming and the heart-breaking aspects of Russian life, courageous patriots, and deadly danger erupting from all directions…”

—-The Deceit of Riches reader on Goodreads


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