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This collection of short stories may cause uncontrollable restlessness, perspective shift and travel itch in very reasonable people. Please, check with your mother before ordering.

Author Val Karren will recklessly tempt you to grab your passport and get lost with him in the far flung corners of Europe. This collection of hilarious and tear-jerking travel tales will immerse you in the languages, music and food of the Mediterranean Sea before scaring your socks off in the snow and ice of Russia.



The Tales of a Fly-by-Night by V M Karren is now available for pre-order from the Amazon Kindle Store, for release on March 7th, 2019.

Click here to pre-order now for download to your Kindle or via the Kindle App.

The Tales of a Fly-by-Night will also be available in paperback from March 7th, 2019 via Amazon.com, Kobo, bol.com and in bookshops around the world.


Deceit of Riches

“This Russian fictional thriller is absolutely captivating…”


“…I wanted more than just a thriller, and I found it in this novel: a fascinating setting, local and international politics, romance, both the charming and the heart-breaking aspects of Russian life, courageous patriots, and deadly danger erupting from all directions…”





The Deceit of Riches, a novel by V M Karren, is available on: AmazonKobobol.com in Belgium and the Netherlands; and also through Indiebound, The King’s English Bookstore, The Neverending Bookshop, and many other bookstores around the US.


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