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Now you can enjoy the European travel experience year-round, without scheduling, financial, pandemic, or seasonal constraints.  Through our cultural stories set in various European lands, we provide ‘cultural fiction’ at its finest. For European historical thrillers, click HERE.

A Winter Story with a Kick

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The Lucky Finn by V M Karren

Seppo may be the luckiest man that ever was, but he is far from happy. Pursuing a solitary existence in the northern woods, his mystical good fortune only brings him what he least wants: visitors!

Just released on February 15th!

The Armchair Travel Series:

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Book 1: Fate and Longing in Lisbon

A Kindle short romantic comedy, set in the ancient neighborhood of Lisbon known as the birthplace of Portugal’s soulful ‘Fado’ music.

Book 2: The Witch of Drontenburg

A Kindle Short work of cultural fiction set in a small fishing town in the Netherlands, where a group of young boys face off with the fabled village witch.

Book 3: The Plucked Hen

A Kindle Short work of cultural fiction set in a provincial restaurant in France, where an eccentric chef uses some unusual ingredients to create his masterpieces.

“As always with this author’s stories, my eyes are opened to new places and cultures…and who wouldn’t love to learn about such things along with a fun story?!” –Jillayne N.

Armchair Travel: The Collection

Relieve cabin fever with this collection of cultural fiction inspired by three European countries.  This is the compilation of Fate and Longing in Lisbon, The Witch of Drontenburg, and The Plucked Hen. Experience romance and near-tragedy in Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood in ‘Fate and Longing in Lisbon,’ then help solve a local mystery on the windy Dutch seacoast with ‘The Witch of Drontenburg.’ After that, you can savor the creations of an eccentric French chef in ‘The Plucked Hen’ before the critics bury him!

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The Tales of a Fly-By-Night, by V M Karren

This collection of short travel stories should come with a public health warning! These tales have been proven to cause restlessness, perspective shift, and travel itch in reasonable people, which may result in you being branded a “Fly by Night” by your mother’s friends.

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