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Now you can enjoy the European travel experience year-round, without scheduling, financial, pandemic, or seasonal constraints.  Through our cultural stories set in various European lands, we provide ‘cultural fiction’ at its finest. For European historical thrillers, click HERE.

The Armchair Travel Series:

Book 1, Portugal: Fate and Longing in Lisbon

An eccentric postman does everything he can to save his near-obsolete job, but unexpectedly finds romance! Set in an ancient neighborhood of Lisbon, where the soulful ‘Fado’ music was born.

Book 2, Netherlands: The Witch of Drontenburg

In a small fishing town in the Netherlands, a group of young boys face off with the fabled village witch. Is she really who they think she is?

Book 3, France: The Plucked Hen

A provincial restaurant in France is run by an eccentric chef who uses some unusual ingredients to create his masterpieces. After his unexpected death, surprising secrets are revealed!

The Deceit of Riches Series:

Book 1: The Deceit of Riches

Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award and Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards: A young American student begins researching organized crime in post-Soviet Russia…until his life comes under threat!

Book 2: From the Rooftops

A young Romanian banker puts her life on the line to trace the criminal network that killed her fiancé and threatens the commercial structures of Europe at large. This fast-paced thriller will send your heart racing!

Book 3: October Revelations

After a car-bomb attempt on her life, a young Russian journalist goes into hiding while working to expose criminal elements in Russia’s highest echelons. Will she be able to reveal the truth before she is silenced for good?

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