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Now you can enjoy the European travel experience year-round, without scheduling, financial, pandemic, or seasonal constraints.  Through our cultural stories set in various European lands, we provide ‘cultural fiction’ at its finest. For European historical thrillers, click HERE.

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Each of these books are actually three books in one! The Deceit of Riches Trilogy, our most popular book, contains the three historical thrillers of The Deceit of Riches series. Armchair Travel, also a very popular choice, contains three cultural novellas, set in Portugal, the Netherlands, and France. Click on the book images to read a sample.

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The Armchair Travel Series:

Book 1: Fate and Longing in Lisbon

An eccentric postman does everything he can to save his near-obsolete job, but unexpectedly finds romance! Set in an ancient neighborhood of Lisbon, where the soulful ‘Fado’ music was born.

Book 2: The Witch of Drontenburg

In a small fishing town in the Netherlands, a group of young boys face off with the fabled village witch. Is she really who they think she is?

Book 3: The Plucked Hen

A provincial restaurant in France is run by an eccentric chef who uses some unusual ingredients to create his masterpieces. After his unexpected death, surprising secrets are revealed!

“Having my annual flight to Portugal cancelled by COVID-19, I was sitting in my garden and looked for something to connect me with my beloved Portugal. I found this short story, which I read by a bottle of Douro Wine in one afternoon, until it turned dark. I recognized so many of the things that I love about Portugal. A very nicely written story, showing how a mailman finds a way to delay his dismissal… the wits of the traditional Portugal against the commercialism of the internet age…it was exactly what I needed to deal with my “saudade” – thank you!”

–Amazon Reader on Fate and Longing in Lisbon

The Deceit of Riches Series:

Book 1: The Deceit of Riches

Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award and Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards: A young American student begins researching organized crime in post-Soviet Russia…until his life comes under threat!

Book 2: From the Rooftops

A young Romanian banker puts her life on the line to trace the criminal network that killed her fiancé and threatens the commercial structures of Europe at large. This fast-paced thriller will send your heart racing!

Book 3: October Revelations

After a car-bomb attempt on her life, a young Russian journalist goes into hiding while working to expose criminal elements in Russia’s highest echelons. Will she be able to reveal the truth before she is silenced for good?

“Gripping story, has a wonderful flowing narrative. The plot attempts no tired tricks and reads as an authentic, exciting story that is difficult to put down.” –Amazon reader, on The Deceit of Riches

The Collections:

The Deceit of Riches Trilogy

Three gripping historical thrillers are packed into this epic trilogy! Follow Peter Turner from his early days as an overly curious American exchange student in Russia (The Deceit of Riches), to his seasoned spy-work to trace a criminal network that spans Europe (From the Rooftops), to his loyalty-bound duty to save his friends in Russia (October Revelations), Peter Turner has little chance for rest.

The Tales of a Fly-By Night

A humorous, and at times tender, memoir. Describing the varied experiences of author V M Karren as a young single man and later with his family, this collection of short travel stories show the many faces of Europe. From the early days in eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to more recent adventures of a growing family discovering new places, this memoir can offer something to anyone who’s a traveller at heart.

Armchair Travel

Relieve cabin fever with this collection of cultural fiction inspired by three European countries.  Experience romance and near-tragedy in Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood in ‘Fate and Longing in Lisbon,’ then help solve a local mystery on the windy Dutch seacoast with ‘The Witch of Drontenburg.’ After that, you can savor the creations of an eccentric French chef in ‘The Plucked Hen’ before the critics bury him!

“Some great stories, they take you through all your different emotions. I liked the ones that made me laugh the most. A good read.” –Amazon Reader on The Tales of a Fly-By-Night

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