New Release! The Tales of a Fly-by-Night

Caution! This collection of short stories about vagabonding around Europe is known to cause restlessness, perspective-shift, and travel itch in reasonable people. Pre-order is now open for delivery on 7 March. Read how. … More New Release! The Tales of a Fly-by-Night

Discovery at the Library

Yesterday I took my boy for an outing in city. We ate a fun lunch and went for a visit to the Natural History Museum. There, we discovered the complete skeleton of a unique dinosaur-fish (Mosasaurus) from right here in Maastricht. It was discovered in its entirety in the cliffs of chalk and sandstone, two … More Discovery at the Library

Welcome to Fly-By-Night Press

We write to inspire wanderlust! Whether you’re travelling the path you read or sharing your travel experiences with us, your mind and legs will be covering some fascinating territory. Follow our travel blog called ‘Get Lost,’ our author blog detailing the ins-and-outs of the writing process, watch our travel and author videos, swap some travel stories and … More Welcome to Fly-By-Night Press