What Do a Romanian Banker, Olives, and the Narrowest Street in Europe All Have in Common?

All of these things–and many other suspenseful and surprising elements–are featured in V M Karren’s new crime fiction novel! As of TODAY, From the Rooftops, is now available on Amazon. Here is one of the first reviews:

“What a wonderful second novel! It displays the versatility evident in Karren’s first work of fiction. This second one movingly depicts sweet and tender scenes between loved ones affected by revolution, as well as vividly-depicted cat and mouse maneuvers between dangerous enemies. Part of the appeal of this compelling story for me are the distinctive cultures, places, and people of several Eastern European countries not well known in the West. The author brings them to life in his beautifully written and ever-surprising story. Read it.” —Amazon customer

We’re so excited to share this novel with you that we’ve decided to make it available to you RIGHT NOW for just 99c. We hope it will offer you both a window into unknown lands and a gripping piece of entertainment. Soon the price will go up, so this is your best chance to immerse yourself in this unforgettable story.

This is the sequel to Karren’s award-winning debut novel, The Deceit of Riches. Click HERE to order.

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