One Week Until Book Launch!

We’re in the final countdown until the release of my new novel, From the Rooftops, the second book in my series The Deceit of Riches! Here above is the wonderful final cover spread (I love it–don’t you?–Christine did a great job). Below you can read the complete back cover book blurb:

Book Blurb:

1989. After popular protests are attacked by government snipers, the people of Romania capture and execute their communist dictator, and democratic Romania is reborn. The heroes of this revolution are students, miners, a poet and even Bucharest’s children. After decades of terror and oppression, the elation of new-found freedom rings through the land.

“Less than ten years after her courageous march for freedom in Bucharest, a young banker finds herself caught up in the corruption that has flourished in Romania’s transition from communism to a free market. After the mysterious death of her fiancé, her suspicions lead her to take daring steps to expose the new tyrants of the criminal networks behind the scenes and take a stand for her family and country. The information she provides catches the attention of Peter Turner and Del Sanning (The Deceit of Riches), and together they form a common quest to bring down Eastern Europe’s most evil and elusive criminal. 

“From the peaceful hills and peasant life of northern Romania, to the crumbling urban jungle of Bucharest; from Kiev’s golden domes to the Black Sea port of Odessa, Ukraine, V M Karren uses his masterful insight into Eastern Europe’s reformation and the international criminal networks that besieged it, to weave a story of loyalty, courage and freedom you will not soon forget.”

Launch Discounts:

I will be launching From the Rooftops officially via on Thursday, October 10, 2019, just one week away! Early purchasers of the print book in the first week will get a discount: the book will be available for $12.00. After the first week, it will go up to $15.00, so catch the deal while you can! I would love to read your Amazon reviews.

Also, if you missed it last week, here is an author interview about this novel:

We started making this a year ago during the research trip in Romania, so it has been long in-the-works.

These are immensely exciting (and scary) times for me: releasing my work into the world. After two years of intense writing, I’m dying to know what you think, so I’ll be anxious to hear your impressions.

Happy reading!

–Val / V M Karren

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