Please judge my book by its cover!

Page Turn Book Cover Reveal WIDE
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but are they the right words?
Planning and designing a cover can make or break a book’s success. Will a reader find the art work on the front (and back) of a closed book intriguing enough to pick it up? If she is tempted enough to open the book, she might read the first paragraph. If the first paragraph is gripping, creates a mood and stimulates the reader’s imagination, then there is a sliver of hope that she might buy the book and…to the author’s elation might enjoy the story enough to read the entire book, from cover to beautiful cover.
After a week of polling readers in the GetLost! Facebook group, those following the development of my second novel voted between two beautiful options for a book cover design. We thank everybody who participated, but mostly for those who voted in the minority. We noted who you are and be sure that your opinions made us think twice, try again, refine and improve. Christine has truly outdone herself this time!
From the Rooftops Cover FINAL
From an original photo that she took herself during our research visit to Kiev in May, Christine has adapted the light, colors, and text masterfully, to please the eye and tickle the curiosity. Admiring the composition I want to see the hidden details, get close-up and discover what is just out of sight. I hope it makes you want to open the book and read the first paragraph.
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5 thoughts on “Please judge my book by its cover!

  1. The new cover is awesome!! I tried to leave a like and it wanted me to login to WordPress??

    1. Thank you!…not sure about it requiring you to login. I’ll see if I can fix it in the settings. –Christine

  2. I think it looks fantastic and great attention to detail…especially how the cross atop the steeple fits perfectly into the “O.” Nicely done!

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