Yo Quiero Dos Coca Colas Por Favor

by Matthew Karren “Oh wow, yeah, those are really visible.” I rolled my sleeves back down. “How did you get those?” he asked. I explained that when you’re walking the pilgrimage, you try to stay out of the heat of the day. To do that, you wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and … More Yo Quiero Dos Coca Colas Por Favor

Conscripts and Grandmothers

by V. M. Karren No war has ever been, is, nor ever will be glorious. Those who portray war as glorious have not lived through a war that took their own home, destroyed their factory or farm or took their only son or grandson. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, campaigns for … More Conscripts and Grandmothers

The Power Seat

by V. M. Karren Upon graduation from High School my classmates voted me the person most likely to become the youngest Supreme Court Justice of the United States’ because of my obsession with politics, law and world events. There were many who signed my senior yearbook who expected me to run for the presidency of … More The Power Seat